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We are a website design agency that helps you leverage the power of your website to grow your business. Partnering with you so that you get the knowledgeable, professional, and strategic consultation you need when building a new website.

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Custom web design & development

At BlueSpruce Designs we focus on the client’s goals and ideas with an emphasis on small business.

We bring your vision to life in an affordable manner. Your website needs to look professional, be easy to navigate, and provide useful information to your customers.

Once we’ve worked with you to establish your vision for the design, we begin the build itself. Every step of the building process is done with the intention of creating a beautiful, search engine-friendly website that will set you up for success. An optimized site brings in customers, builds your brand, and helps you grow.


Web Design & Deveopment

We specialize in WordPress, the platform that facilitates easy access to the internet development and DIVI, the theme we specialize in that compliments WordPress. Adobe Photoshop is utilized to customiz your logos, photos and special designs.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential in teaming with the search engines to make your website bring traffic in orer to expose your site.



We make is simple to keep us retained for future changes and updates in a affordable way.



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